The Little Red School House, Inc - Developmentally appropriate programs for all learning levels.
By the time a child is one year old, he/she might be kicking and throwing a ball.  At age three he/she could be able to name the different parts of their body.  By age five, they could be able to say their alphabet.  Each child develops in his or her own special way to meet the daily challenges of living and growing.  Unfortunately, some children are struggling to cope with life’s most basic skills.  The Little Red School House stands ready to assist children and their families with important services designed to overcome problems in the critical areas of early development and help these children grow through learning.  The Little Red School House believes in high quality and developmentally appropriate programs for all learning levels.
The Little Red School House provides a nurturing environment to stimulate learning through “centers” and “play” in which children can develop physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development.  The facility uses centers to try to teach each child initiative and independence.  Their bodies seem designed to be in motion.  Centers are a wonderful way to motivate them, and motivated children learn faster.  Learning levels can be individualized and children learn social skills during the process.
The environment at The Little Red School House, overall, is safe and emotionally supportive.  The children are supervised at all times by a very caring and loving staff.
The Little Red School House reaches beyond the basic requirements to focus on the individual growth of the child while in the program.  This process focuses on the development of a positive self-image and learning to become responsible member of society.
Physical Development
  1. The child will develop habits and attitudes that promote and maintain physical health and well-being.
  2. The child will be able to use sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste to explore and learn about the environment.
Cognitive Development
  1. The child develops same basic concepts and understandings of the physical world.
  2. The child will be able to attend to, and appreciate, music, poetry and stories.
  3. The child will be able to use language to express thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  4. The child will be encouraged to do things for themselves, using these experiences to help them become increasingly self-sufficient.
  5. The child will become familiar with such concepts as letters, numbers, shapes, and colors so as to prepare them for school. 
Emotional Development
  1. Help children progress in the development of positive self-image by:
a.       Providing daily opportunities for children to get experience making choices and dealing with the consequences of those choices.
b.       Helping children individually, and in groups, learn responsibility.
c.        Making sure children have opportunities to succeed so they can begin to see themselves as competent human beings.
d.       Taking advantage of daily situations to help children learn problem-solving skills, and demonstrating through adult behavior how problem-solving in on-going.
  1. The child will be able to express emotions in constructive ways.
  2. The child will be able to feel empathy for the needs and concerns of others.
Social Development
To help children progress in the process of becoming social beings by:
  1. Planning activities which encourage cooperating and taking advantage of unplanned opportunities to reinforce helpful and cooperative behavior.
  2. Showing respect at all times for adults and children while consistently reinforcing and rewarding respectful and cooperative behavior.
  3. Planning opportunities for children to develop relationships, and help them learn skills to make and nurture friendships.
  4. Planning activities for children to accept and appreciate people of different races and cultures.
  5. Providing opportunities for children to discover and develop leadership skills and abilities.
  6. The child will be able to function independently and be self-reliant.
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